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Here you will find almost everything you need to know about Evolved PWI.
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Guide to Guides ([email protected])

Postby Sakyo » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:54 am

Main infromation about the Game

Beginner links:

Beginner Guide
Character Customization
User Interface
Faction Base Exam
Useful Tools

Looking for an item in particular? Click Here!

How to use:

1) Type name of the item.
2) Click on the Item you were looking for.

Where they drop?

A) Activate it. (in case of packs - items that can be activated/triggered)
B) Under Quests. (Big list of extended information regards the dropping area/ mob/ boss/ dungeon/ instance.

Testing out items before obtaining them? Click Here! Different variations of Buffs/ Debuffs can be applied to your character.

How to FARM Reputation:

♦ Primal World - customized to get you rewarded with Wraith Officer's Badge instead of Primal skills.
♦ Flowsilver Palace - Final reward includes in both modes (Deicide or Judgement) the item "Flowsilver Emblem" which allows you to gain 2500 Reputation when rightclicking it.
♦ All other known ways to obtain reputation. (example: Tokens of Luck)

How to FARM Refine Orbs:

♦ Avatar Cards| All Dungeons/Mobs/Bosses or Quests that used to reward you with Avatar Cards or Avatar Card Packs will now reward you with: White|Blue|Purple|Yellow|Orange Dragon Orb Pack.

♦ Starcharts| All Dungeons/Mobs/Bosses or Quests that used to reward you with Nebula Dust, Starseeker Powder, Astral Pearls (Lv. 1- 7) will now reward you with White|Blue|Purple|Yellow|Orange Dragon Orb Pack.

♦ Homestead| Quests and Tasks that used to reward you with G17 materials will now reward you with White|Blue|Purple|Yellow|Orange Dragon Orb Pack.

Note: Dragon Orb Pack can contain Mirage Celestone and Tisha stone, the rarity of the Dragon Orb pack is determined by the rarity of the item it was swapped with.

How to farm/ earn Event Gold:

Method 1#

We have slightly customised the Dragon Quest - Questchain and it will function as following:

- Love of Dragon Quest can be obtained at any level (The starting quest to the Questchain), that way nobody will miss it. (Starting at Mr. Yeh: 525 619)

- The quests:

Chiu Niu (Lv.20 - 30) = 15 Silver
Yatzu (Lv.31 - 40) = 25 Silver
Chaofeng (Lv.41 - 50) = 35 Silver
Pulao (Lv.51 - 60) = 45 Silver
Suanni (Lv.61 - 70) = 55 Silver
Pahsia (Lv.71 - 80) = 65 Silver
Hsianchang (Lv.81 - 90) = 75 Silver
Fu Chih (Lv.91 - 105) = 1 Gold

Note: These quests are REPEATABLE at the listed levels.

Method 2#

Endless Universe will now reward the entire Squad after completing the Dungeon with 5 Event Gold to every participant.

Method 3#

Staying online/actively playing - You will get rewarded 1 Event Gold each 6 hours.

Method 4#

Voting for the Server. Click Here!

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