Patch Notes v5 (Hotfix)

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Patch Notes v5 (Hotfix)

Postby Sakyo » Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:44 am

- Fixed PW Boutique Agent Exchange Ratio/Cost on few items.
- Fixed Farano NPC in Cave of Sadistic Glee.
- Fixed Stay online Quest. (Attention: You'll have to claim your Event Gold Chest from the Golden Box/Unique Rewards Icon)
- Fixed several Psychic Weapon Fashions in both Boutiques.
- Fixed Teleport Master in Momaganon. (Hell world) and (Sage World)
- Fixed Crystal of the Third eye - You will see now Aroshava Mobs when activating the Crystal.
- Fixed Faction Base Chest (Event Reward) - Rewards mailed!

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