New members introduce themselves.

Hi my name is tom,
I'm from Germany and started playing the official version of PW in 2011 and invested a lot of time in this game until 2014. After a longer break, I continued with PW again in 2020.
However, I am now of the opinion that the game is simply only for cash players due to all the extensions. Because I like the game itself very much, I was looking for a good alternative to play PW without investing a lot of money.

I've tried many private servers, but at the end of Evolved PW I was most convinced. I like it very much that the basics of the game are preserved and that it is not made too easy to get your max lvl and max gear. In my opinion, playing is in the foreground here and you have managed to find a good ballance.

My current toon is "Cadell" (lvl34) of course I am always happy to help and support within my means. I hope for a friendly and helpful community and look forward to the time I can spend with you on the server.
best regards, Tom