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Hello Everyone!

Some players might know me in-game as Vytch. I know that I just recently joined the server but I would like to share you guys some suggestions that I think might help. Feel free to criticize me or give your comment on what you think about my suggestions, I'm looking forward to it.

I already sent these suggestions directly to Raven and BeasT before posting it here so the suggestions will sound like it's dedicated for them to read:
Sale Section:
1. Every maintenance, the server should have a 50% sale on different type of items in the boutique (not event gold but just the cubi one). For example, an item that cost 50 gold will become 25 gold when you make a 50% sale event. I know someone already told me about going to the trade section if I want to buy stuff but with this type of event, it will entice players to donate!
Boutique Section:
1. Add a pack that contains all the Morai skills of each classes on either cubi or event boutique maybe both if possible.
2. The auction menu is completely useless because the items that it offers are either useless or that it can already be found in either cubi or event boutique. Try to edit this and maybe put out items that players would likely bid on.
3. Add all the items you needed in order to use the Fragrance Garden and Charger's Paradise. Inlcude the items you would be able to get when doing UP dungeon as well.
Rank 8 Section:
1. This one is pretty simple really. The only reason players choose to get r8 gears is to either get intervals or channeling. My suggestion is to remove everything and just let these stats remain (interval, channeling, magic, strength, dexterity, vitality).
Homestead Section:
1. Since we don't have a server dedicated homestead npc tracker like asterpw, I'd like to suggest if it's possible to put both standing and walking npc that you need to talk to when doing homestead quest in a certain area in archosaur. That way, players doesn't have to go all over the map finding the npc they need to talk to.
2. Lessen the time by double that the Fragrance Garden and Charger's Paradise will be finished. For example, both Piglet and Ginseng Fruit Seed cooldown is 24 hours, reduce it by double the amount. Apply it on others too.
Primal Section:
1. Similar to homestead npc suggestion, this one is about Sky Pirate Drake. Would it be possible that whenever Sky Pirate Drake event starts, he will be spawning in the same spot everytime? You might be saying that this will make players who spent their time trying to find this boss useless and that they will be having someone to share the loot with but that is not the case. Players who will enter the portal once the boss is killed will be sent to their own area to get the loots.
Dungeon Section:
1. I noticed that no one does the HFT (heavenfall temple) and I'm just going to assume that the reward there hasn't been tweeked yet. It would be nice if the rewards will be helpful on both new and old players.
NW Section:
1. The first time I attended NW in this server, the max st that the players manage to get is only 1500. It says on the reward box that it has 85k st to be rewarded and being able to only get 1.5k even though there were like roughly 20 players is not good. You might've done this in order to prevent players who are using alt but it would be nice if a GM can monitor this event. As a result, hopefully you remove this 1.5k st limit reward.

Looking forward with your answers everyone!


Re: [Suggestions] Randoms & More

I will also be adding several more suggestions:
1. Allow all the level 100 dailies to be done with active points under the Active Quest Tab.
2. Add Perfect Stones in the Merchant NPC, just like official does.
3. Another suggestion of mine is similar to homestead npc but morai-related. If you're familiar with Jintao which is a walking npc that you need to talk to when you get a certain prestige point, it would be nice if you can put a stationary one in each order.
4. Allow Basic Badge to be tradable. A lot of players who doesn't need it often trade it for supply tokens or just npc. Some wanted to give them to their friends/facmates in need but they can't because it's not tradable.
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Thcok wrote: Wed Nov 25, 2020 2:10 pm Its been more than ten years that Im making games, its not really talent but hard work

Ill try and make a second set of avatars for each character in game by modifying a couple of things from the original avatars, maybe adding some hair to the Imperial male fighter lol. After that, I might consider making a drawing competition with rewards of course
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