Dragon Quest 91 Farming Guide

What is Dragon Quest?
"Dragon Quests are series of repeatable quests that can be done from level 20 and above, with additional quests appearing every 10 levels from level 31 to 91. They are so-called due to the Dragon Quest items typically required to complete them. Completing the quests award Dragon Orders which can be exchanged for various rewards.
For each level of Dragon Quest there are six items that may be needed to complete the DQ item quests of that level. "

- Dragon Quests, PWI Gamepedia

Dragon Quests have been customized here in Evolved PW. They give event gold, which is used to buy items and packs. Specifically, Dragon Quest 91 give 3 gold and 70 silver.

Why DQ 91 and not DQ 81, 71, etc.?
Because you should be grinding levels instead of doing DQ at lower levels.

When to do DQ 91?
If you're new, you can start DQ 91 once you're level 91+. Ideally, you should be at least full r8 set or have a Warsoul Weapon, because higher damage = faster killing = faster farming.

How to do DQ 91?
These are the steps when doing DQ.
  • Talk to NPC
  • Give Dragon Quest item
  • Talk to NPC
  • Kill mobs / pay fee
  • Give Dragon Quest item
  • Give Dragon Quest item
  • Talk to NPC
  • Give Dragon Quest item
  • Talk to NPC
  • Kill boss
For "Give Dragon Quest item" you will have to have some number of Dragon Quest items of that level. For "Kill mobs / pay fee" you will either have to kill some number of a specific monster or pay a fee to get past that quest. It's recommended here in Evolved PW that you always pay the fee. For the final stage you will have to kill some mobs or a final boss to complete the Dragon Quest. And for "Talk to NPC" you just have to visit the NPC to proceed to the next step.

Before farming DQ 91 items:
- Make sure your inventory is full, even your coins (200M), and you have at least 1 piece of the item you are farming. Use our handy portable bank menu in inventory to get stuff from bank to fill your inventory. This is so when you are auto-cultivating, you will only pick-up the item you are farming.
- You should be flying when farming, because faster movement = faster farming.
- When you are a ranged class, especially when you are not endgame gear, there would be times that you won't kill the mob fast enough, resulting in losing agro (since you are flying outside their range) and making the mob regen his HP, resulting in an endless loop. In order to mitigate this, your skill macro should at least include one auto attack (repeat macro > skill > skill > skill > skill ... > auto-attack). In this way, you would be near the mob and he would be able to attack you so he won't lose agro.

Which monster to kill and what are the items needed?
Few people sell DQ 91 items in this server since it's easy to farm, due to the 2x drop rate of this server.

Open the in-game encyclopedia and enter the monster's name to auto-path to the monster's area.
Compound Venom
- Harpy Kabal (Airborne, World)
- Ossein Soulbasher (World)
- Decaying Cleavehand (World)

Element Light
- Hedonistic Apostle (Lothranis / Heaven)

Fine Orb
- Cougaret Master at Arms (World)
- Abomination of the Plain (World)
- Elite Tigaero Guard (World)
- Elite Infernal Guard (World)
- Elite Lupine Infernal (World)

Ginseng Fruit
- Bodybag Scorcher (Momoganon / Hell)
- Bewitching Beauty (Lothranis / Heaven)
- Meed Apostle (Airborne, Lothranis / Heaven)

Mystical Orb
- Glacial Mistress (World)
- Goothe (World)

Underspring Water
- Demonic Souling (Momoganon)
- Golden Edge (World)

You'll need 25 pieces of a DQ 91 item whenever you are in the "Give Dragon Quest item" step. It is purely randomized so there's a chance that in one DQ mission, you'll give 100 pieces Compound Venom, or sometimes you'll give 50 Element Light pieces and 50 Fine Orb pieces, or sometimes 25 of four DQ items, etc.

When farming, it is ideal to farm a bunch of items (e.g. 200 of each item) so when you turn in the Dragon Quest, you won't have to go back to the respective monster's area when you run out of DQ item.

Enjoy Farming!


Created by Putchisit
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