GM Application

We are currently accepting applications for 2 Event GMs and 2 Support/ Guiding GMs. Those interested should complete the questions below, add any other details you wish and send the completed application to me via email ([email protected]).

The following criteria to apply is required:

- At least 1 month or more you been playing.

- No history of Mutes/ Bans/ Hacking.

- Being able to describe your experience with perfect world in detail.

- Being able to comprehend/ write in perfect english.

Add in your email Subject "Observation'' or ''Support/Event GM"

The following must be completed on your application:

1). Name, age and country?

2). Reason/Motivation for applying?

3). Timezone?

4). Have you done GM work before?

5). Are you currently or have you ever been affiliated with a private server?

6). How long have you played Perfect World?

7). How many hours daily do you play on Evolved Perfect World?

8). How long did you play on 1.5.5 version of Perfect World?

Once you submit your application, please wait until we make our selection. Questions regarding the status of your application will be ignored.


Hi JS-Support,

Is it possible to package the web app created from OpenSilver to a mobile app using let say Apache Cordova?

Packaging to a mobile application is posssible in Bridge and the older JSIL version.