Patch Notes v13 (Hotfix)

- Peerless Forge won't have the Exchange for Basic Badge to Supply tokens. Only Claudron of Contemplation Forge.

- Fixed the Head Hunter bug where it disappeared. (It disappears at 11:58 PM and appears at 12:02 AM server time each day)

- Fixed scheduleds for the Halloween Special Invasions at 8 AM, it will start now as explained in the patch notes at 10 AM. (Scheduled times: 02:00 AM - 10:00 AM - 18:00 PM)

- Fixed minor bugs regards the Halloween Quest at "Trick or Treat?" NPC.

- Fixed Mystical Orb to stack at x9999. (Last DQ item, that wasn't)

- Missing Mystical Tome Fragment was added back to Merchant.

- Fixed a bug with the Celestial Executer. It will work now properly. (Requires: 3rd Fairy, Celestial Demon and Celestial Sage Cultivation)