Patch Notes v13


Ragnarok has ended and we all survived. Now its time to finally celebrate!
Welcome to our Halloween special, that comes with a lot of new things as well as other changes (read below: New content)

How to participate?
Halloween Parade (Invasion) will launch DAILY in all Main cities (Lost City - Etherblade - Archosaur - Tellus City - City of Plume - Raging Tides) at:
2:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 18:00 PM (Server time).

Each invasion lasts: 30 Minutes

Note: All mobs will have a chance to drop the following items:

- Halloween Cookie
- Pumpkin Seed
- Jack O' Lantern
- Witch's Brew

They're used to craft items at the Trick or Treat NPC in ADC West.

What can you get?

Weapon Skins / Weapon Fashions (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)

Halloween Titles (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)

Genies (Unique - Halloween special ONLY)

Battle Pet Monkey King - New Skin

Battle Pet Phoenix/Hercules - New Skin

All Class Pets

10 Million Big Note

Ultimate Dragon Orb pack

Medal of Glory

Rank 9 Recast 3 Molds (Halloween Special ONLY)

You can also take Quest at Trick or Treat NPC in ADC West in order to kill Halloween Bosses. You will get Teleported into a unique Dungeon via the NPC: Trick or Treat.

Note: It has level caps, and requires at least 2 characters to be in the same Squad

Preview Halloween Weapon Fashion:
Spooky Axes

Spooky Bow

Spooky Daggers

Spooky Fists

Spooky Glaive

Spooky Magic Sword

Spooky Sword

Spooky Sphere

Spooky Staff

Preview Halloween Battle Pets:
Angry Tree

Bloody Assassin

Cyber Cat

Creepy Hand



Mr. Krab



Oblivion Patroller


Undead Howler

Preview Halloween Genies:

Chibi Dragon

Floating Pumpkin


Halloween Box Drops:

New Content

Sunset Valley - Tank Wars
Want to have fun and relieve some stress during the holidays?

We are opening the new Sunset Valley event on as a special present for our players!

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 - 19:50 pm Server Time (lasts: 50 Minutes) the gates of Sunset Valley will swing wide for all who are qualified to enter.
To participate in this epic tank battle, players must be above LV100 and in possession of Cultivation level: Aware of the Myriad or Aware of the Void.
- Five minutes before the event starts General Tigerheart will appear in All main cities (Example: 246 649 City of the Lost). Speak to him and choose to enter: Sunset Valley. (cross-server)
Let General Tigerheart know you are on your way to Sunset Valley and you will be able to choose which tank you want to enter the event with:
- The Hammer of Stone
- Greataxe of Flame
- Crossbow of War

After tank selection and joining battle, players are randomly placed in the Order of Dusk or the Order of Dawn. The matching system places players from all servers randomly into one of the two teams.
1st place - 2000 Supply Tokens

2nd place - 1500 Supply Tokens

3rd place - 1000 Supply Tokens

4th to 9th - 800 Supply Tokens each

10th to 49th - 400 Supply Tokens each

50th to 100th - 100 Supply Tokens each

Hidden Dragon's Den
Was imported from PWI to our server to enable an additional option of farming "Dragon Blood Stone", used to Craft Rank 8 Recast gear.

(Important for the changes under "New Endgame concept")

Guild Banners
In order to give every guild a cool way of promoting their Faction to new members and making themselves visible to the world we have decided to add to the game the:
Guild Banner Token
Guild Banner Token is available in Cubi Shop and will be used in order to visually display dominance of a Guild on each territory.

Anyone from the Guild can purchase the Token and send it to an Administrator or Game Master in order to register their banners.

Note: All ordered banners will then be added with every next patch.

Shop Changes:
- Added "Custom Title" to Cubi Shop - How it works will be explained on Discord and the Item itself.
- All Weapon Fashions are now PERMANENT, but will cost from now 25 Gold.
- Smiles in Event Boutique are now permanent.

Quality of Life changes:
- Nation Wars can't be entered with a Squad anymore, sorry for this bug. It was never meant to work like that.

Note: You can still form squads once entering.

- Vile: The Incacerate drop from 2 Molds increased to 3 Molds.

- All Vanguard, Warrior and Prestige Badges were re-checked and should work properly now.

- Rank 9 First cast Belts can now be obtained Daily as well as the rest of the Armor set.
- Decomposing items was enhanced to work faster. (Similar to crafting)

- Dragon Quest items were ALL (regardless of level) changed to stack to x9999.

- Supply Tokens can now be crafted with Basic Badges. (Ratio 1:75)

- Reason: People who can't attend always Nation Wars have the chance to farm it now every day, also it will boost the urge for Warsong City.

- Conversion Master will now only let you change Cultivation when having Fairy 3 to avoid issues popping up.

- Added "Customise your Weapon Token" - Explanation on the item or Discord. (You can change your Weapons: Name, Colorname, Icon, as well as model if you provide us with the required files)

- Deleting old or unwanted characters (To re-take a Name) was reduced from 7 days to 2 hours.

Gear Changes:
Evolved Perfect World International:
PVE vs PVP expansion
We have decided to implement a New Endgame concept which should bring us all a LOT of more fun!

In order spice it up a bit and introduce a completely new way of playing Perfect World, without going far away from the actual game concept. We would like to welcome you all to our PVE and PVP Gear concept, similar to World of Warcraft (in case you wonder how it will work)
What is new?

(Rank 9 and 8 PVP version):

- The current Rank 9, Rank 9 Recast 1, Rank 9 Recast 2, Rank 9 Recast 3, Rank 9 Recast 4 and Rank 8 Recast 1, Rank 8 Recast 2 gear is the PVP version of Armor, ornament, Weapon set.

( Rank 9 and 8 PVE version):

- We add a 2nd set of R9 and R8 gear in all known forges, which won't have ATK level or DEF level, instead it has Slaying and Warding level as well as 10% more Defense and HP.

Players will be able to decide what gear to farm, whether its PVE orientated or PVP orientated. Due to the fact we made R9 First cast daily obtainable (Foreshadowing), you can also farm BOTH sets!

Note: R8 is already obtainable more often, if not let us know.
IMPORTANT: Currently you may only obtain R9R2 (PvE) at Commander-Chief-In. In case you think this is a good addition, we will add R9R3, R9R4, R8R and R8RR with one of the upcoming patches. Please let us know on Discord.

Armor Changes:

- R8R Heavy, Light Armor parts can now drop 1~3% Channelling on all pieces.
- R8RR Heavy, Light Armor parts can now drop 1~6% Channelling on all pieces.
- R8RR Arcane Armor parts can now drop 2~6% Channelling on all pieces.