Patch Notes v20

- The Christmas Special was turned OFF. The NPC: Santa will remain until the next patch.

- The following Molds were changed to be trade-able:

Mold: ★★★Brightmoon Robes
Mold: ★★★Moonbeam Plate
Mold: ★★★Cutting Moonbeam
Mold: ★★★Brightmoon Reaper

Note: This will only apply to Molds farmed from this patch release.

- The following items were changed to be untrade-able:

Safe Extension Stone
Inv. Extension stone
Coin Chest

- The Armor set Nightlord Chain (R8 - Duskblade) and Nightlord Chane (R8R - Duskblade) has The Armor Bonus (3) 0.10 Interval changed to +5 Warding (Similar to Assassin in a previous Patch)

- The Morai Skill: Entrapment was removed from Cubi Shop, it doesn't function in PW.

- PW promotions Agent was added to it's currently missing positions:

531 674
522 636

- Mr. Yeh was added to it's original positions (As displayed in the Guide):

543 653

Note: He'll remain at the old position as well.