Patch Notes v19

Welcome to the Evolved Elysium Expansion. Our expansion was completely customly made, but still includes the official basics and features, that were introduced by PW International. We have given our Evolved touch to all the extentions and tried as much as we could to give it a unique Twist!
The selfcreated Evolved Elysium Expansion will contain a lot of content, and a lot of never before seen features regards the game we all love: Perfect World International.

It will contain also bug fixes, admittingly there were very few and very minor bugs, due to the fact, that Evolved Perfect World International is a very reliable, very stable and most importantly very profesionally designed Server.

The biggest suprise, that our new Expansion will introduce are the New Classes. They are completely new to our server and will have their limitation set completely depending on our server concept, and server specifications. Removing or not including certain things like Avatar Cards, Starcharts and so on will still remain in this Expansion.

The new classes will bring fresh air in the gaming scene, and will hopefully animate a lot of players to give them a try and maybe with a bit of luck mobilize even more players, than we already have on our constantly growing private server!

All further changes and additions, are listed below under Expansion Features, so take your time, grab a snack and a drink and read carefully what this awesome first of a kind Expansion Patch includes.

Evolved Elysium Expansion introducing the Nightshade Classes!


You will be able to create Duskblade and Stormbringer from the character selection screen in your account after you updated your client to Version 19.

You may find a proper explanatory guide about these classes under the following link: Nightshade Classes

Note: In case you encounter a Quest, Mob or Boss that is related to the New classes and isn't dropping/giving anything related to them, which it originally should, make sure to DM Raven or BeasT on Discord.
Faction Base Trials rewards were re-worked and addapted to our server concept.

Aside of the usual things, which Faction Base will reward - click Guide: Faction Base
The Trials will from now on be mainly focused around R8 - Recast (R8RR), and reward people with the new Main Reward: Fortifications Seal . They can be used to re-craft and re-roll your R8 Recast Weapons and Armors.
Aside of Fortifications Seal, the new Faction Base has also a new Side Reward: Fortification Essence.

The main rewards in Faction Base Trials:

Fortifications: Copper (Reward: 2x Fortification Essence < New Reward
Fortifications: Silver (Reward: 5x Fortification Essence < New Reward
Fortifications: Gold (Reward: 10x Fortification Essence < New Reward

Beside the new Copper, Silver, Gold rewards. We have turned the item: Warrior Seal into Fortification Seal.

These rewards are by 30~40% better than the old R8 - Recast (R8R) rewards.
Note: Please make sure to write down all Trial Boss names when encountering them, and send the Names to Raven on Discord/Forum or in Game, in order to change their drops in an other Patch. (Part II)
This is the part II of our Rank 9 PVE Set - Patches where we included a 2nd type of Rank 9, Rank 9 - 2nd Cast Cast Sets and BRAND NEW: Rank 9 - 3rd Cast. The way to obtain the Armor and Weapons is identical.

Upgrading from Rank 9 to Rank 9 - 2nd Cast (PvE)

- You will get your First Set normally from Commander-in-chief. Locations:
World: 129 855 (38)

World: 522 626 (23)

World: 472 429 (37)

World: 665 362 (22)


You can either decide to continue using this set (The normal one - PVP set) and upgrade it just as shown in Official PWI Wikipedia or you can use that Rank 9 (First cast) in order to upgrade it to Rank 9 - 2nd Cast PVP or 2nd Cast PVE set at the Commander-in-chief they can be identified by their Name tag, saying Rank 9 (PvE).

- Depending on your decision all other upgrades will be determined by the dependance of the previous items, that you have chosen.
- Optional: You can obtain 2 sets of Rank 9 (1st Cast) in Quest form (Daily) from Commander-in-chief and simply craft BOTH Rank 9 (2nd Cast) sets!

The Armor will give mostly PvE related Stats, which are useless in PvP.


It's pretty similar to the previous upgrade, since the farming is retail:

- Do Warsong City (Min. requirement: 2 Squad members) and try to obtain:

Offensive Essence
Defensive Essence
Basic Badges
Required: Mold

- Use your Rank 9 (2nd Cast) - PvE Armor, Weapon and Belt in order to Re-Forge the upgrade: Rank 9 - 3rd Cast (PvE).

You may craft the new (PvE) set at the new Forge: Peerless Forge (PvE), which is located in Warsong City, near the original Forge. As shown below:

In combination with the brand New (PvE) Rank 9 Sets, this patch will also introduce 4 completely New and never seen before Soulgems, that will match the new PvE Set perfectly:

Diamond of Leviathan (Gives: Warding +2 to Armor or Weapons)
Diamond of Lion. (Gives: Slaying +2 to Armor or Weapons)
Nephrite of Steady Defense. (Gives: Warding +3 to Armor or Weapons)
Divinity Stone. (Gives: Slaying +3 to Armor or Weapons)

You can obtain the new Soulgems from our two New Packs:

- Audacity Pack - Available in Cubi Shop for 2 Cubi. Preview Pack:

- Agitator Pack - Available in Cubi Shop for 1 Cubi and Event Boutique for 2 Cubi. Preview Pack:

You may combine Diamond of Lion to Divinity Stone at any Jewelscraftsman in all Major Cities.

You may combine Diamond of Leviathan to Nephrite of Steady Defense at any Jewelscraftsman in all Major Cities.

We have added a new method to properly, with no time loss, automated switch between your items during either PVE, where every second counts in an important Dungeon or in PVP.

AutoSwap is an item which was added to the Unique Rewards (Quests). Displayed on your screen as Gold Box.

Preview Autoswap:

Preview Gold Box:

AutoSwap Mechanic:

A quick demonstration of AutoSwap can be previewed below:

AutoSwap Mechanic of individual Items:

Note: The AutoSwap feature is very useful in PVE related circumstances or Dungeons, due to the fact, that on Evolved Perfect World International you are allowed to create more Rank 9 and Rank 8 Sets. Having the chance to switch between Defensive and Offensive builds!

The Health Bar

We have customised the Health bar. It will precisely display your opponents/Squad members HP amount when clicking on their characters:


This unique feature should help you determine your opponents state during PVP and help you out react properly in dangerous situations during PVE.

Reduction of Cooldowns

We have changed the waiting time on the following features:

- Character deletion

Your characters will now remain 24 hours in the deletion screen before getting completely removed, once you initiate the deletion. Reduced from 7 days to 24 hours.

- Destroying Bind items

The binding destruction used to take 72 hours and was now reduced to 30 Minutes. Please be aware, that destroying Bound items will lead to their removal. (Used often to get rid of items that overfill inventory space)

- PVP Mode waiting time.

You will have to wait only 1 hour from now, in order to return back to Blue Name (PVP Protection Mode). It used to be 10 hours.

CHI - Vigor Collection
Players usually most of the time lack CHI or Vigor during any kind of situation, whether its fighting strong Bosses or fighting real opponents. Therefor, we have decided to tweak the essential Attacking Speed, which a character has when they Un-equip their Weapons. The basic Attacking speed in the new Evolved Elysium Expansion is now set to 5.00 when having no weapon Equipped.

Demonstration can be previewed below:

Dungeon Resets

Usually people feel annoyed by the fact, they need to find somebody (or use Alts) in order to reset their Dungeon while playing Perfect World International.

Reset Dungeon: Causing the Mobs and Bosses in a Dungeon to respawn.

Evolved Elysium Expansion has introduced a new completely customised Button, called: Dungeon Reset Button.


The button will only work, in case you are Outside the Dungeon - World and will have a cooldown of 5 minutes. In case your reset wasn't successful, be aware that it's still under cooldown. (Preventing it of getting spammed)

Switching Modes:
(APS and DPH)

Everyone knows, that Perfect World international has two damage mechanics:

1. Attack per Second (APS)
2. Damage per Hit (DPH)

These two are pretty selfexplaining and usually were accepted as such. The only difficulty there was usually criticized by the players is the fact, that they can't be properly divided.

Evolved Elysium Expansion is making a clear statement regards the two Modes and introduces a new Button: Disable Auto Attack which will allow you to switch between both modes regardless of your class.


Enable the Button:

Auto Attack ON:

Auto Attack OFF:

Note: You can't autoattack between your skills, if you have "Disable Auto-Attack Button" enabled.
- Nightshade Flights have been added to Cubi shop and Event shop. (Evolved Elysium Expansion)
- Nightshade Armor, Ornaments and Weapons were added to ALL Forges, that are used in order to craft these items.

Note: In case any Quest, Mob or Boss, as well as Event is not rewarding the items it usually would for the new Nightshade classes, please make sure to DM Raven.

- Demon | Sage Stormbringer Skills (Box) and Demon | Sage Duskblade Skills (Box) was added to Cubi shop.
- Re-name Faction Stone was fixed and will let you re-name your Faction with 20 letters max.
- Morai Skills obtained from our 3 Orders: Shroud, Corona and Luminance were made Trade-able.
- Morai Skills were added to Cubi Shop.
- Jungle Ruins Race approach was changed, because it was not as clear to everyone in form of announcement:
- Treasure Seeker of the Jungle will spawn the following Times:
3:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 15:00 PM, 21:00 PM
- The NPC will be available after it spawns for the next 3 hours followed with a proper announcement.
- Dragon Quests were limited to 3 times per day.
- Nightshade Weapon Fashions (For Stormbringer and Duskblade) Were added to the Cubi Shop.