Patch Notes v4

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Patch Notes v4

Postby Sakyo » Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:43 am

Missing NPCs:

- Added missing NPC Farano back to its original location.
- Added missing Overseers NPCs in Nation Wars.
- Added missing Bowl of Wonder to its original location.
- Added missing Flying Pig mob back to the Game.

Quality of Life changes:

- Warsong Bosses and Lunar Glade Bosses will now drop as stated by the rates double Molds/Essences.
- Removed Nightshade leftover Molds dropping from Warsong City/Lunarglade Bosses.
- Added to Illusion Stone (528 664 - Archosaur West) the Dungeon Celestial Vale (Starting Area) - All players can now teleport in and out whenever they want.
- Added Assistant Wang Tsai to all of its original locations.
- Added Assistant Wang Tsai to Celestial Vale starting Areas (near: Human | Untamed | Elf | Tideborn | Earthguard | Guide NPCs). So people can turn in the Weapon, Ornament, Armor Molds at lower levels.
- Added friendly reminder Auto-message to remind people of the character limit logged in per IP.
- Flowsilver Judgement Mode will now reward you (Daily):

2500 Reputaion (Flowsilver Emblem) <- Has no requirements, can be used at any Reputation limit.
7x General Summer Token.
Dragon Refine Orb Pack.
Fortification Essence.

Note: You can only pick 1 from 4 rewards!


- Fixed Soldier Pays reward from Territory War.
- Resource Manager (Faction Base) has now a Quest to exchange the old TW reward for Soldiers Pay - at the same quantity as if it was never bugged.
- Changed names of our Dragon Refine Orb packs to|: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Ultimate.
- Fixed Psychic Weapon Fashions.

Note: in case you purchased a bugged Weapon Fashion with Psychic as the required class, DM Raven in order to get it replaced.

- Fixed the coin requirements on Claudron of Contemplation Forge for Uncanny and Rapture Crystals.
- Fixed Seeker Skill - Darkcloud Bold|: Description.
- Fixed plenty low Lvl. Bows that required all classes but Mystic and Seeker - All classes can wear them now.
- Fixed Stay online Quest - As a little compensation we have decided to make it reward everyone 1 Gold instead of 50 Silver until the next patch.

Note: The quest will auto-finish and reward you after 6 hours - You can find it in your Questlog, but not in the Gold Chest anymore.

- Changed Description on 10M EXP Pack to "Works after Re-awakening" - Because it does.


- Hyper EXP stack was increased in Cubi Shop.
- Event Boutique|: General Summer Token stack was increased to x10.
- Event Boutique|: Golden Splendor stack was increased to x100.
- Event Boutique|: Added all Headfashions.
- Event Boutique|: All Pigments are cheaper now.

- Cubi Shop/Event Shop|:

- Removed following items, in order to balance the economy|:
All Molds.
Offensive Essence.
Defensive Essence.
Basic Badge.
Fortification Seal.

- Added Battlebot and Corgi Dog to the Battle Pets in Cubi shop.
- Added More Weapon Fashion (100+) to Event Boutique and Cubi Boutique.

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