Not getting gold

Hi, I just started playing yesterday. It says on the website I have 12 gold on the website from voting but its not in game.
I have finished the "stay online " once and started the next, and I have received the event gold. Am I missing something here? How do you get the normal gold to appear in the boutique? Can you only use gold from voting to buy event gold on the website?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Not getting gold

Ok I see now that event gold is the only currency, nevermind. :D
But I have another question. I heard in the video guide on the website that you can have three clients at the same time to gather gold by staying online. I tried logging into another client with my first one in the background but it wouldn't let me log in with the same account at the same time.
How are you supposed to gather gold on the same account if you cant have clients on at the same time on the same account? Otherwise it would be on different accounts so you couldn't save them all up.