Future Event location suggestion

Thank you for the wonderful events you guys have been bringing to the server. I like most look forward to the new ideas you guys come up with, and rewards. Take a great deal coding locations and triggers, I appreciate the Hard work.

This event location has cause a lot of problems with the server community since it was made in a PVP location ,
Not even blue names were safe, This created a big mess completing daily event boss for many of us. I even had childish faction mate PK their own guild mates and event camping.

If the intent was to forced PvP well this comment is useless and I am sorry for the post and disregard I guess i miss that part while reading event notes. But if the intent was not a forced Pk then my suggestion is make future event location a PvP safe place unless PvP specific. The PVE community players were not safe and many miss completion of event boss do to PK in the middle of boss battle. once it fails you can not retake quest that same day.

Thank You for your time