Event boutique price changes

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Event boutique price changes

Postby kiane » Sat Sep 05, 2020 8:39 am

So, Ive been looking around the event boutique and most things are fine, and then i look at some of the items prices and their rarity and i think, Hm thats a bit steep for what you get out of it so.... some people are probably going to hate me for this but i think there are some items in the event boutique that need slight tweaks The first one being:

You can currently obtain around 5-10 gold a day (Including the online reward) - Or at least i obtain around 8 gold a day roughly.

- Skill Book packs: Currently 80 gold which doesn't sound like much! but maybe have it at 50 gold instead? this way its not sooooo expensive when you look at it, and its a doable price when you actually stack gold

- Super Inventory stones: Currently 25 gold - Now normally id say that's fine coz you only need 1 right...... yeah apparently you need 3, which is kinda horrible so there is really 2 fixes for this, Either reduce the price or fix the bug :( If you choose to reprice i think 10 gold is decent? 30 gold in total - Fixing the bug obviously helps too but i mean, you guys cant fix every problem PWI has due to it purposely being broken sometimes.....

- Pigments (This isn't a personal problem for me really but it did get mentioned in a PM earlier today so IF it does get changed i thing 50 silver is fine personally but that's just me :(

- Crafting packs: Currently sitting at 40 gold which i think is kind of fair, maybe 30 gold but i mean like i said its kind of fair so that's again more of an 'IF' it gets changed

Ok now im done with that, ya'll can hate me forever more :(

Also thought id Put system chat spam in, not so much of a big deal but we don't need to know when people get Flood stones and WWI for example, maybe just keep the rare things like the Cube neck: Broken or CoM Matchless wings etc, G15 craft/ R9 craft are fine really
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Re: Event boutique price changes

Postby raven » Wed Oct 07, 2020 5:22 pm

Thanks for your very precise explanation of prices and your opinion on them, appreciated. We will for sure check out what is implementable and what not.
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Event boutique price changes

Postby DebraFef » Sun Oct 18, 2020 3:38 pm

Thx dedeagac, I agree with u of course, free players should get their chance too, and that is why I mention only 1 event per month so fair to all or otherwise there will be no any point in buying cards


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