The Elementalist Bosses quest in HS

Had a chat with Beast, he asked me to give him the bosses names from the HS quest.
These bosses are very hard to kill, u need several ppl even a squad.
Mabye the GM's can do something about these bosses!!!! plz pretty plz!!!

1 Gilded Metal Elementalist Forst of Haze 687 496
2 Flooding Water Elementalist Icespine 471 285
3 Gigantic Wood Elementalist Broken Plain 362 892
4 Blazing Fire Elementalist Land of the Burning Heart 133 781
5 Steady Earth Elementalist Land of Buried Bones 131 415

I am stuck on these bosses cant lvl further in my crafting.

I heard more ppl complain about the difficulty of the bosses.

Ty for your time, huggs merablue.