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Re: Anti-Duping | Crafting

Uncanny/Rapture Crystal (crafted from nw forge) Wraith Officer's Badge (there are a lot of npc that can craft this so I won't be mentioning those npc's) NW Buffs (the one with level 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 requirement and can be crafted from nw forge) Teleacoustic (crafted from PW Boutique Age...

Anti-Duping Mechanic | Crafting

I can certainly say that a lot of players are getting annoyed every time they wanted to craft a lot item in one go and after a few minutes they will be getting a message about a server error and it will prevent them from literally doing anything in the game. My suggestion for this is to make an opti...

G16 Weapon Removal | FWS

I'm sure I'm not the only one here with the opinion that G16 weapons should be removed from the FWS boss. Literally no one in the server will be using these weapons. Most people would go for warsoul (for temporary weapon until r9r4), r8r2 weapon (for defense), and last but not the least r9r4 (for en...


IGN: Raskreia Level: 102 - 101 - 101 I posted two of the same screenshot, one is edited. It didn't state whether we can edit the screenshot or not. All I did on the edited version is to make it look a bit vintage and tone down the brightness and nothing else. Unedited Version:

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