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Dim Nirvana Palace Chest = orbs pack +1 and +2 Bronze Nirvana Palace Chest = orb pack 3 Silver Nirvana Palace Chest= orb pack 4 Golden Nirvana Palace Chest = orb pack 5 Infernal Lair = dim chest x1 Noxious Den= dim chest x2 +bronze chest x1 Vampire's Domain= dim chest x3 + bronze chest x2 Demonic Ni...


Trials rewards are useless.(WE already have ways to reroll R8R gear then upgrade it to R8RR with saving stats; Fortifications: Copper (Reward: 2x Fortifications Essence) < New Reward Fortifcations: Silver (Reward: 5x Fortifications Essence) < New Reward Fortifications: Gold (Reward: 10x Fortificatio...

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