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Its been more than ten years that Im making games, its not really talent but hard work Ill try and make a second set of avatars for each character in game by modifying a couple of things from the original avatars, maybe adding some hair to the Imperial male fighter lol. After that, I might consider...

Re: [Suggestions] Randoms & More

I will also be adding several more suggestions: 1. Allow all the level 100 dailies to be done with active points under the Active Quest Tab. 2. Add Perfect Stones in the Merchant NPC, just like official does. 3. Another suggestion of mine is similar to homestead npc but morai-related. If you're fami...

[Suggestions] Randoms & More

Hello Everyone! Some players might know me in-game as Vytch. I know that I just recently joined the server but I would like to share you guys some suggestions that I think might help. Feel free to criticize me or give your comment on what you think about my suggestions, I'm looking forward to it. I ...

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