Evolved Starter Guide

Here you will find everything you need to know about Evolved Perfect World.
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Evolved Starter Guide

Postby Sakyo » Sun Sep 01, 2019 7:08 pm

The Three Paths of Evolved:
You will start at Archosaur West (ADC West).

Step 1:

- You’ll see 3 totems in front of you:


I. DPH: (Damage per hit). A very reliable Path, that combines perfectly a solid defense and a huge amount of damage dealt by the user. Disadvantages are, mobility and the speed between hits.

II. CT: (Instant Cast/Bug Cast). The craziest of all Paths, combining the speed of a true backstabbing shadow and extremely huge amounts of damage dealt by the user. Disadvantages are, the defense and overall survivability in both PVP and Mass PVP.

III. APS (Attack per second). A fairly balanced Path, combining both, defense and offense. You will strike fast and tank solid. Disadvantages are, your damage output is depending on accuracy/evasion and well timed stunlocks/immobilizations.

Tip: The totem NPC is at the same time the entrance to your desired Path.

Step 2:

Your inventory will provide you with a starter set, including Armor, Weapons and Ornaments, a flight and 2 boxes. The Boxes are called “Mother Box - Sage” and “Mother Box - Demon”.

Right-Clicking the Box (Of your choice) will:

1. Level your char automatically to level 150.
2. Extend your inventory to max.
3. Extend your pet cage to max.
4. Extend your safe-slots (at Banker) to max.
5. Add to your char Demon or Sage Cultivation.

You can buy and learn all Demon/ Sage Books at 528 653 in Archosaur West.


Step 3:

All necessary items such as Hierograms (HP and Mana), Pills, HP Pots, Pets and Guardian Scrolls, as well as Arrows, Bolts and Pet food are located in our item-mall NPC in ADC West (526 654):


NPCs that will be useful for refining your items (Elder of Archosaur), hatching your pets (Pet Manager), teaching your pet skills (Mrs. Zoologist).


Step 4 (Farming):

After you have learnt Demon or Sage skills, set up your points (Press “C”) and chosen your path (DPH, APS or CT), you are now ready for the farming. The PVE on Evolved Perfect World is split into two segments:

I. Farming in the Path Dungeon. (The entrance is at the Totem that you have chosen)
II. Alternative Farming. (Cube of Fate, Daily Quests, Colosseum, Temple of the Dragons, Abomination City)

Farming in Path Dungeon:

The classic Path Dungeon farming starts, after getting teleported by the Path Totem in ADC West (Check Step 1). Every Dungeon has 2 different types of creatures:

- Mobs, dropping “Evolved Coins”.
- Bosses, having a CHANCE to drop “Evolved Fragments”.


The first Forge will contain G18 Items, that are easy to farm, as they require ONLY “Evolved Coins”. While the second Forge will contain G19 items, that will require Evolved coins and Evolved Fragments. Every G19 item (Re-Forge) will give you “unidentified” stat, which identified (At the Forge itself) give RANDOM stats (1 from 30 possible). The only difference between G18 and G19 are the additional stats, when upgrading to G19.

Alternative Farming:

Re-forging your Armor (G18 => G19) by farming Evolved Fragments in the Path Dungeons is not the only way to upgrade your items. You can participate in the alternatives such as:

1. Daily Quests (Giving Daily coins. The alternative for Fragments) - Every day - ONCE

2. Colosseum Dungeon (Attention: PVP Zone) - (Tuesday) - 06:00 AM - 12:00 AM - 18:00 PM - 24:00 PM (Server time) - Lasts 1 Hour

3. Temple of the Dragons (Attention: PVP Zone) - (Saturday) - 08:00 AM - 16:00 PM - 24:00 PM (Server time) - Lasts 2 Hours

4. Abomination City - (Thursday) - 08:00 AM - 16:00 PM - 24:00 PM (Server time) - Lasts 1 Hour

These Alternatives are limited. Which means that you can only participate in specific times or days. Daily Quest can be done only ONCE per day. Colosseum, Temple of the Dragons and Abomination City are hosted once per week. For more information about their scheduled times. Please check out our Discord channel: DISCORD. You can teleport to the Alternative Dungeon via “Evolved Gateway” In ADC West (528 664)

Video Guide:

Customize Yourself

What is ini editing?

Is something that allows you to change the part which pertain to character presets that are in the game.

How do I find these files?

In your Evolved client. Go to Evolved Perfect World > element > userdata > character > customize

I found many folders there. So for what are these?

These folders represent each class, each gender having its own folder.

Each goes as follows:
00 Male BM
01 Female BM
10 Male Wiz
11 Female Wiz
20 Male Psychic
21 Female Psychic
30 Nothing
31 Venomancer
40 Barbarian
41 Nothing
50 Male Assassin
51 Female Assassin
60 Male Archer
61 Female Archer
70 Male Cleric
71 Female Cleric
80 Male Seeker
81 Female Seeker
90 Male Mystic
91 Female Mystic
These files can be opened and edited using notepad.
scaleUp = head top length/slider
scaleMiddle = head middle length/slider
scaleDown = jaw length/slider

idFaceShape1 = top face shape (can be mixed)
idFaceShape2 = bottom face shape (can be mixed)
blendFaceShape = don't know?? everybody has 50

scaleFaceH = face width
scaleFaceV = face depth/length
idFaceTex = face texture

idFalingSkin = nose crease model
idFalingTex = nose crease texture

offsetForeheadH = forehead width
offsetForeheadV = forehead height
offsetForeheadZ = forehead depth
rotateForehead = forward/backward rotation
scaleForehead = forehead size

offsetYokeBoneH = cheekbone width
offsetYokeBoneV = cheekbone height
offsetYokeBoneZ = cheekbone depth
rotateYokeBone = up/down rotation
scaleYokeBone = cheekbone size

offsetCheekH = cheek width
offsetCheekV = cheek height
offsetCheekZ = cheek depth
scaleCheek = cheek size

offsetChainV = chin height
offsetChainZ = chin depth
rotateChain = forward/backward rotation
scaleChainH = chin width

offsetJawH = jaw width
offsetJawV = jaw height
offsetJawZ = jaw depth
scaleJawSpecial = lower jaw depth
scaleJawH = horizontal width
scaleJawV = vertical alignment

idThirdEye = third eye id
idEyeBaseTex = "set", eye base texture
idEyeHighTex = eye shadow texture
idEyeBallTex = eyeball texture
idEyeShape = eye shape
scaleEyeH = eye width
scaleEyeV = eye openness
rotateEye = up/down rotation
offsetEyeH = eye distance
offsetEyeV = eye height
offseteyeZ = eye depth
scaleEyeBall = eyeball size
scaleEyeH2 = 2nd eye width
scaleEyeV2 = 2nd eye openness
rotateEye2 = 2nd up/down rotation
offsetEyeH2 = 2nd eye distance
offsetEyeV2 = 2nd eye height
offseteyeZ2 = 2nd eye depth
scaleEyeBall2 = 2nd eyeball size

idBrowTex = eyebrow texture
idBrowShape = eyebrow shape
scaleBrowH = eyebrow width
scaleBrowV = eyebrow thickness
rotateBrow = up/down rotation
offsetBrowH = eyebrow distance
offsetBrowV = eyebrow height
offsetBrowZ = eyebrow depth
scaleBrowH2 = 2nd eyebrow width
scaleBrowV2 = 2nd eyebrow thickness
rotateBrow2 = 2nd up/down rotation
offsetBrowH2 = 2nd eyebrow distance
offsetBrowV2 = 2nd eyebrow height
offsetBrowZ2 = 2nd eyebrow depth

idNoseTex = nose "preset", texture
idNoseTipShape = "width", tip shape
scaleNoseTipH = nostril width
scaleNoseTipV = nosril angle
scaleNoseTipZ = nose extension
offsetNoseTipV = veritical alignment
idNoseBridgeShape = bridge shape
scaleBridgeTipH = width
offsetBridgeTipZ = height

idMouthUpLipLine = upper lip shape
idMouthMidLipLine = middle lip shape
idMouthDownLipLine = bottom lip shape
thickUpLip = upper lip size
thickDownLip = bottom lip size
scaleMouthH = right width
offsetMouthV = vertical alignment
offsetMOuthZ = depth
idMouthTex = lip texture
offsetCornerOfMouthSpecial = right corner height
scaleMouthH2 = left width
offsetCornerOfMouthSpecial2 = left corner height

idEarShape = ear shape
scaleEar = ear size
offsetEarV = ear vertical alignment

idHairModel = hair model
idHairTex = hair texture

idMoustacheTex = "light" facial hair
idMoustacheSkin = "heavy" facial hair
idGoateeTex = "heavy" facial hair texture

colorHair = hair color
colorFace = face color
colorEye = ?? probably base color of eye model without a texture
colorBrow = eyebrow color
colorMouth = lip color
colorEyeBall = eye color
colorMoustache = facial hair color

bodyID = body model
colorBody = body color
headScale = head size
upScale = chest size
waistScale = waist thickness
armWidth = arm thickness
legWidth = leg thickness
breastScale = breast size
To make your own file:

- Go ingame to Evolved Itemmall Forge (526 654) > Char Tab > and buy Advanced Makeover Scroll.

- After this, go to Cosmetic Master Yun (532 633) and use that scroll.

- Open it > check right side > press ''Save current settings''

The present ini will then be in the designated folder.

Female eyes:
Male eyes:
For a different hairstyle, you'll have to check this by yourself in-game. Check Presets list. There's alot of haircut codes.
Choose one you like - Go to Evolved Perfect World > element > userdata > character > customize and find it in your designed folder.

Open the ini file and search for [Hair]. You need both codes of your chosen hair. (idHairModel =/ idHairTex =)
Replace the codes from your saved ini with the new ones from chosen ini file with your favorite hairstyle.

Now ingame press click on your saved ini file. (Presets list)

After this, if the new hair appeared on your char head, confirm the changes. Enjoy!

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