Server Closed!

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Server Closed!

Postby BeasT » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:21 pm

Hello Evolved players,
unfortunately we have got very bad news for all of you. Due to big costs regardless the quality that turned Evolved into a special server and the fact that 1.3.6 is getting less interest lately, we are FORCED to bring our journey to an end. We have tried our best, to maintain the best quality for our players with every and each patch, listening to all reasonable suggestions and fixing/improving/buffing or nerfing whatever was requested by our community. Unfortunately it didn't work out. Unlike most servers that are operating, Evolved Perfect World had very high quality hosts, files and data which required protection and big amounts of payments monthly in order to be maintained. We have managed to compensate the costs during almost 2 years by either Donations that were made for the server or by paying from our own pocket, in times when the Donations decreased. Unfortunately our lives have recently changed and we are not able to pay everything out of our pockets anymore, nor were the last donations withing a period of 3 months (2 Donations only) enough to pay the mentioned costs. It was a nice experience with ups and downs, that will now unfortunately end. It was nice to meet all of you, to become friends with lots of you and overall to make such a nice experience, which can be concluded in our server - Evolved Perfect World. Thank you all for being part of the server, part of the community. Thanks for being our members! Wishing you all just the best with whatever you are planning in the near future ~ Evolved Staff

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