Patch Notes v28 (Hotfix)

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Patch Notes v28 (Hotfix)

Postby Sakyo » Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:40 pm


- The Super PVP Tokens required for the consumable items in the Evolved Coordinator were reduced.

- Weapon APS Pole axe was fixed. (Craftable again)

- Cape X CT Heavy was fixed. (Craftable now)

- Santas drop was increased from 4 Euro coins to 6 Euro coins. (1 for each Party member)

*Event will be hosted more often than planned*

- Bosses in “Gladiator Colosseum” were changed to stand still/not move. (Avoiding the abuse of being lured for PVP purposes)

- Bosses in “Gladiator Colosseum” will drop now Super PVP Tokens as well as their main item.

“Engravement Token” (Change done by request)

- Engravement Token was added to Vote Panel. (Good luck)

- The new Chests for the “Chest Hunting event” were fixed to 100% drop 1 Euro coin every time they get slayed.

- Mount Caravan Cimera was fixed. (Will be visible now)

- All players that used their Re-skin ticket for the “Black Sling skin”, contact Raven in order to get it re-added on the correct Hand.

- PVP Tokens color was changed from Dark Blue to Bright Blue for visual purposes.

- Snowball Launcher CHI (Sling) was changed to be useful with WR now.

- Guild icons Updated

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