Patch Notes v28 - v29 + Hotfix

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Patch Notes v28 - v29 + Hotfix

Postby Sakyo » Sun May 03, 2020 2:47 pm

Minor balance changes - Blessing changes:


Seeker: (+10 DEF)
Sin: (-5 ATK, +10 DEF)
BM: (+5 DEF)


Barb: (+5 DEF)
BM: (+10 ATK, +5 DEF)
Seeker: (+5 ATK, +10 DEF)
Sin: (-5 ATK, +5 DEF)
EA: (+5 ATK, +5 DEF)


EA: (+5 ATK, +5 DEF)
Sin: (-5 ATK, +10 DEF)
BM: (+15 DEF)
Seeker: (+15 DEF)

Note: Blessings were turned into Molds, please use your new Molds to re-craft the Blessings at the Patch Compensation Forge.

Gear changes:

- Added +1% Magic Defense Engrave stat on Armor.
- Added +1% Magic Defense Engrave stat on Ornaments.
- Removed +75% Endurance Engrave stat on Armor.
- Removed +EXP% Stat from Ornaments.
- Removed +75% Endurance Engrave stat on Ornaments.

Faction Base changes:

- Fixed some minor bugs in Faction Base.
- Added more Quests to Faction Base so guilds can level their Base faster now.
- Added New World Boss Channarong - Weekly Boss (Re-spawns next week after being killed) and will drop Faction Contribution Points/Faction Construction Points.

Note: Channarong is a Boss that is never at the same spot and moves constantly in a certain pattern. You will find him at ADC West outskirts. Leaders, don't forget to take the quest in Monolith before slaying Channarong.

- Changed all Pills and Pots in Faction Base to be untradeable, preventing abuse.
- Reduced Contribution Point cost for Arrows from 100 to 20.

Note: The leader of the Faction has to take the Quest in Faction Base at Monolith after seeing the Notification about Channarong in Global Chat.

- Changed Faction Base Trial waves as following:

I. First Wave of Trials (Reward for each Trial):

> Grand Physical Revitaliser x15
> Grand Mental Revitaliser x15
> Ironguard x5
> Pan Gu's Essence x5

II. Second Wave of Trials (Reward for each Trial):

> Grand Physical Revitaliser x20
> Grand Mental Revitaliser x20
> Ironguard x10
> Pan Gu's Essence x10

New Content:

Added Elite Charm of Defense and Elite Mystic Armor Charm to:

- Event Boutique
- Donation Boutique
- Lottery
- Faction Base

Note: This is an experimental change, and might be removed in case it causes more trouble than positivity in PVP.

- Added Last Man Standing (GM triggered) Event - Entrance at Teleport to Battle Arena
- Added Fashionwear to Event Boutique Tab: Fashion (10 Silver each piece - If you find duplicates, please let us know)
- Added some missing descriptions

Added Re-spawn Notification Messages in game for:

> Alpha Boss Harpy Wraith
> Alpha Faction Boss Channarong

Added to Itemmal NPC the following cosmetic pills (free):

- Beautiful Love
- First Lotus
- Flower of Fortune
- Forever Happy
- Sincere Blessing

Added to Event Boutique:

- Rose Romance
- Lotus Affection
- Rose Heart
- Revamped Event Rewards completely:

- Added Event Altar forge. This forge will grant you the possibility to craft various known items and currencies as well as NEW unique Titles only available by participating in Events/From Event Forge.

- Increased TW Towers defense/HP by 20%.

Other Changes:

- Added Custom Titles.
- Increased the stack of Mystical Pills and Holly Pills in Cubi Shop.
- Increased Feral Soulstar stack to max. in Cubi Shop.
- Increased Chienkun Stone stack to max. in Cubi Shop.
- Updated Rules on DATABASE.
- Updated Guild icons.


- Fixed certain Custom Title colors.
- Fixed new Faction Base quests.
- Fixed Beta Boss Harpy Wraith.
- Added Newbie Tokens (Their quantity was reduced from 40 to 10, in order to prevent abuse) back.
- Removed the Rose Heart from itemmal.
- Added Star Reset Plate to Event Boutique and Cubi Shop (Used to restart Faction Base points).
- Removed +50% Endurance and +75% Endurance stat from possible drops on all Ornaments.
- Chars were loaded to the website.

Note: Make sure to update your clients to V29. Enjoy and have fun!

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