Patch Notes v27

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Patch Notes v27

Postby Sakyo » Fri Apr 17, 2020 10:22 am


- Removed Interval and Channelling Capes that were already created
- Added a new item called "Limited Newbie Mold" to all Motherboxes, that are getting opened after this patch

Note 1: Every new created character gets 40 Limited Newbie Mold, that will allow new players to craft the Interval and Channelling Cape in the Dungeons.

Note 2: These capes will vanish if you leave the Dungeon or proceed from level 1 to level 2 Moltens.

- Fixed all known issues in both, Physical Molten Mines and Magical Molten Mines:

1. You will get now teleported back to the beginning of the Magical Molten if you get killed.
2. Teleporting from Magical Molten Lv.1 to Lv.2 was fixed.
3. Removed Immunity Buffs from Bosses in Physical Molten Mines.
4. Added Newbie Forges that will allow newcomers to craft either the Interval Cape or Channelling Cape (It will get removed from your inventory if you leave the dungeon, or move from Lv.1 Mines to Lv.2 Mines.
5. Fixed several minor bugs.

- Nuke EA Blessing was turned into a Mold. Use your Mold to craft the NEW Nuke EA blessing at Patch Compensation Forge.

- Added Custom Titles.

- Updated Guild Icons.

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