Patch Notes v22

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Patch Notes v22

Postby Sakyo » Fri Apr 10, 2020 6:46 am


- Changed ALL Blessings - they were turned into molds.

Note: Please use your mold in order to craft the new Blessings at "Patch compensation Forge" in ADC West. The changes are minor but needed in order to bring more diversity into PVP and Path/Classes usage, by drawing a clear line between DPH/NUKE and APS Path, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

- Changed drops in all automated Invasions to drop : Evolved Coins x15, Engrave Coins x1, Reshape Coins x1 and Horn Coins x1.

- Changed Nation Wars to start at:

Monday: 16:00 PM
Tuesday: 16:00 PM
Friday: 16:00 PM
Sunday: 16:00 PM

- Changed "Starter Gear" to be fully +12 Refined and filled with +20 Vitality Stones - An easy start for our newcomers.

- Changed Trial Drops/Rewards. (Thanks to James for the proper tests and suggestions)

- Changed Etherblade, Beast City and Plume City Invasion at 16:00 to 15:00 so they won't interfere with Nation War.

- Changed Donation Pack - it will now (For the same price) give:

30000x Evolved Coin
25x Evolved Engrave Coins
25x Reshape Coins
25x Hone coins
Allrounder Genie Z (135/150)
Enough VIT Stones for an entire
EndhA's Gift (Tome)


- Reduced Nation Wars duration from 2 hours to 1 hour.

- Reduced Cooldown on all HP charms, that are in the game from 10 seconds to 9 seconds in order to extend the PVP durations. (No re-crafting/purchasing needed)

- Reduced Flight costs in Event Boutique from 250 Event Gold to 200 Event Gold.

- Reduced Advanced Auto-Recovery cost from 5 gold to 1 Gold in Donation Boutique.


- Increased drops in Molten Mines Lv.1 - Lv.2.

- Increased Territory War Crystal HP and Defenses.

- Increased Engravement Coins packs, Reshape Coins packs and Hone Coins packs in Donation Boutique (Quantity) by x3.

- Increased insanely the quantities Evolved Packs, Engrave Packs, Reshape Packs and Pills in the in the Event Shop.


- Improved Asia and US host. Give us a feedback.


- Fixed Nation Wars map, they will now display correctly amount of players/captured lands and all additional information.


- Added Bounty Contracts to the game. (Drops from : Unknown)

- Added new Evolved's Spirit Charm to Donation Boutique. (Highest amount of HP in game)

- Added new Evolved's Guardian Charm to Donation Boutique. (Highest amount of MP in game)

- Added an 5000 Evolved Coins Bundle, craftable with 5000 Evolved Coins at the Itemmall NPC.

- Added Hammer Bats and Fire Eaters (Faction Base Quest mobs) to ADC West.


- Removed Request Stat/ Request Engrave Stat/Request Unique Buff items were from Donation Boutique.

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