Patch Notes v15 - v16

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Patch Notes v15 - v16

Postby Sakyo » Sun Mar 22, 2020 9:53 am

- APS Demonhunter Recurve Sage and Demon have now same basic speed 0.71.

- APS Demonhunter Revenge Sage and Demon have now same basic speed 0.71.

- Turned DPH Barbarian Blessing and NUKE Barbarian Blessing into a mold.

IMPORTANT: Use this mold to craft at "Patch compensation" Forge either the normal DPH/NUKE Barb blessing or the NEW DPH/NUKE Barb VIT Blessings. (This will fix the issue with Armageddon builds without making them useless)

- Removed "Emergency Pot" from the game - Important Bosses were killed too easily.

- Fixed Mob levels in Twilight Temple.

- Moved Twilight Temple Trade forge to ADC West.

- Added 0.05 Interval to the "Physical Slaying blessing", use your old blessing to craft the new one at "Patch compensation" Forge.

- Added Chaosand Sludgestalker mobs back to Cromagnon Village (Very far from the village) Required for Faction Base Quests. (FUTURE Patch)

- Increased Hp/Attack for TT Bosses/Mobs.

- Changed quantity requirements on Twilight Temple Trades forge.

- Added the option to craft the Evolved Coins packs to higher ones at Itemmall Forge.

- Now spectators can join Sky Arena events freely.

- Removed Guards from the Invasions inside the Cities.

- Fixed Custom Title item in the Donation Boutique now it's tradeable.

- Updated Guild icons.

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