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Patch Notes v10-11

Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:35 pm
by Sakyo
- Revelation and Detect pots now work correctly.

- Harpy should spawn babies on her current position rather than her targets position now.

- Baby Harpies will no longer lure.

- Arma Lv.10 adjusted yet again.

- Text on 60 Kills task has been corrected.

- Fixed TW Reward of Hone Coin being x100 instead of x10.

- Emergency Pot damage boost was tweaked.

- Disabled Rotflesh Trench redchat.

- Created a secret boss for a upcoming one time event.

- Hatch and revert back to egg any untradeable pet egg you currently have to make it tradeable.

- All current blessings were turned into Molds, please use your mold in order to craft the new Blessing at "Patch Compensation" Forge.

- Added to "Fists of the Beast" - Sacrificial Strike (Buff).