Patch Notes v9 (Quick Fixes)

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Patch Notes v9 (Quick Fixes)

Postby Sakyo » Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:40 pm

- Baby Harpies do not have drops anymore, Harpy Wraith event has same drops as before except only dropped from the main boss now.

- Harpy Wraith now writes in redchat instead of Center Text.

- Hornska Lord now does not 1 hit players.

- Deiciter White and Black now have drops.

- Removed junk mobs from Sirry.

- TW Ten Mil Big notes added to Itemmall coin sale for free (You will need these + Special Bid Item to bid on TW.

- Squad and Faction Signets are now functional again.

- 60 Kills task bug fixed.

- Ballot and Summer redchat messages were finally removed.

- Miscallaneous missing descriptions were added to items.

- Updated guild icons.

- Fixed main map lag.

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