Patch Notes v8 (Hotfix)

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Patch Notes v8 (Hotfix)

Postby Sakyo » Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:35 pm

- Customized Mini Bosses on the main map to drop endgame Pills plus a pill to increase magic classes damage on all PVE monsters (1 hour respawn):
- Added Guild icons.

- Nerfed some Pet skills.

- Increased Guild icon size from 16 x 16 to 32 x 32. (Resubmit your logo in the 32 x 32 size if you need it to be less pixelated)

- Fixed Event Boutique Wings.

Note: Your old wings were turned into “Wing token” use it to re-craft your Wings at the Patch compensation Forge.

- Fixed some bugged Weapon Fashion prices in the Donation Boutique.

- Added description to Evolved Hone coin.

- Added description to Token of universal marriage.

- Added description to TW Reward Token.

- Customized World Boss “Harpy Wraith” (265 825) - Strongest Boss of the server, dropping large amounts of Evolved Coins and Evolved Hone coins with a respawn timer of 5 hours. Watch out! Harpy Wraith has a new trick up her sleeve at 25% Health when cornered! She announces to whole world when she is attacked so be careful of PK!
Do not challenge Harpy Wraith without a squad of at least 8+.

- Added CHI stakes to all PVP Areas.

- Adjusted world boss difficulty - Cooldowns still 1 hour.

- Changed APS Archer Blessing and APS Duskblade blessing. Use your old Blessing to craft the new ones at "Patch compensation" Forge.

- Added +1,00 Range as random stat to all MAGIC APS weapons. (NOT VENOMANCER)

- Increased significantly all important PVP Buffs on weapons - have fun PVPing.

- Our client at Downloads is now Version 7. (if you are having trouble patching)

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