Patch Notes v6 - 7

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Patch Notes v6 - 7

Postby Sakyo » Sun Mar 08, 2020 5:15 am


- Same-Gender marriage is now enabled. Marry each other just like normal no matter what your two genders are in the squad.

- Added NEW Weapon Fashion to Event Boutique. (Around 2000 different Weapon Fashions) - Previewable via Inventory -> Fitting (room)

- Added NEW Hairstyles to Fashion NPCs at ADC west. (All latest)

- Added NEW Eye Codes. (The codes are set to be same as on all known servers for a comfortable adaptation of already created Inis/presets in the past)

Note: Click on this link for the eye codes:

1. Eye Codes

- Added NEW face textures. (The codes are set to be the same on all known servers for a comfortable adaptation of the already created inis/ presets in the past)

Note: Click on this link for the face codes:

1. Face Textures

- Added NEW Fashion. (Over 5000 new pieces) to the Fashion NPCs in ADC West. (Free)

- Removed the fashion from Event Boutique.

- Added NEW Inks/ Color names to Donation Boutique.

- Added NEW Flights to Event Boutique - Previewable via Inventory -> Fitting (room)

- Reduced Cooldown on Teleport Stones.

- Reduced Cooldown on Makeover scrolls.

- Changed Armageddon. Now it deals half of damage.

- DPH Dominator’s Maul (Sage and Demon) requirement was changed from 300 STR to 550 STR.

- Added +10 ATTACK Level to APS BM Blessing. (Use your old blessing to forge the new one)

- NUKE Blessings (Path) was completrly revamped:

1. Magic Nuke blessings have same ATK Level as DPH blessings now, but 0 DEF level.

2. Melee Nuke Blessings have +5 more ATK Level than DPH Blessings now, but 0 DEF level.

Note: Your old Blessings are turned into molds. Use the mold in order to re-craft a fresh NUKE Blessubg at ''Patch Compensation'' Forge.

- Revamped PVP Dungeon (Endless Universe) works as follows:

1. When entering you will receive 3 quests:
“15 Kills” - Task does not fail on death.
“30 Kill Streak” - Task fails on death. Maintain your kill streak!
“60 Kill streak” - Task fails on death Can you maintain it?

2. All of these tasks can be repeated as long as you are in there.

3. Killing 15 People will reward you with certain items. (Droppable upon death)

4. Killing 30 People will reward you with another x15 kills quest reward as well as a bigger x30 kills reward, but be careful! If you die before you get 30 kills you lose it all!

5. Killing 60 People without dying will reward you with 75 Event Gold and is even more impossible. Can you do it?

- PVP Dungeon (Endless Universe) Bosses ‘Magic Defense’ was reduced greatly.

- All weapons can now be honed at the “Rerolling/Hone” forges for your respective paths.

- Added 16 World Bosses (Retail Bosses) To the main map, dropping “Evolved Hone Coin” as well as a random amount of Evolved Coins.

Note: Click on this link for World Boss locations and drop information:
- Reduced Cooldown on Emotions in “Press E” menu.

- Added More Weapon Fashion to Donation Botique.

- Reduced Cooldown on dyeing single items.

- Reduced Cooldown on the option “Player info”.

- Changed Imbued Panda form icon to our custom Ruby Tiger transformation icon.

- Changed Pets Leveling template to instantly get to Level 150.

- Reduced Feral Soul Star quantity in Itemmal/ Event Botique/ Donation Botique.

- The skill “Demon Moon Chant” description was changed, as we do not intend for the skill to give you 15 Atk Lvs for this buff.

- “Claws of the Archer” were added to the Re-shape Forge and can now be reshaped.

- “Spirit of the Forge” rerolling was added to the weapons of all path types as well as ornaments. Try out the new system ingame!

REMINDER: Skill Sender is in your folder: Evolvedpw153/element/Skill Sender

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