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Patch Notes 37

Postby Sakyo » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:53 pm


- Please read carefully! Every Cape has now its own “Bonus” that will give individually to all classes different +HP Boosts in order to extend the PVP duration for some classes. You DON’T have to re-craft or re-farm ANYTHING. All you have to do is update your client to V37 and log in, your character will have the +HP Boost, if it has a Gen X Cape equipped! This HP increase is easily adjustable and will be changed (Reduced/Increased) by YOUR feedback regardless the upcoming PVP (Mass PK, and 1 vs 1) after the release of this Patch (V37). In case you think a specific class has now too much HP, or not enough HP, let us know on Discord or on Forum. The Capes will get changed until the PVP/Mass PVP is perfect!

- For the players that donated for Skins on their G18 Weapon. In case you want to get your skins transferred from G18 to the new G19 Gen-X Weapons you’ll have to Donate 5 Euro, because Skins don’t cost 15 Euro anymore but 20 Euro now, due to the new Donation Method we provide now, that allows people to get Donation skins by Voting constantly as well as by simply donating.

- Added the button ★Click to Register Account★ at the Log-in screen right under the username and password field. It will redirect you to our homepage, where you can register your Account.

- Gen-X DPH MG*EP Cape was re-named to “Gen-X DPH MG” and is now restricted to Mage only. (Because some EP players crafted by mistake that Cape instead of the correct one)

- Weapon DPH Armageddon was turned into a Mold, and you’ll have to use the mold to re-craft your new “Weapon DPH Armageddon” weapon. Reason for this change was the extremely low VIT requirement on the G18 VIT Axes, that was abused by STR/DEX WB

- Added NEW “Instant cast Pack” (very cheap - for New players) to Vote panel. This pack contains low grade Rings x2, Belt, Necklace. The Ornaments have -12% CT as stats and are meant to be used by New players that want to farm with instant cast and be instant cast the moment they join our lovely server. You’ll still have to farm the Super -12% CT ornaments, because their damage and defense is a LOT bigger than the New “Starter -12% CT Ornaments”.

- Mounts will now be able to level and will increase their movement speed form 13 m/s to 15 m/s. (max)

- Bosses, and Mobs in CT, DPH, APS Paths have now a reduced Magic defense, so people can finally farm efficiently with Magic classes, instead of making a WR to farm.

- People will from now on get teleported out of the Evolved Colosseum PVP after being killed.

- People will from now on get teleported to the Safe Zone starting point in the Etherblade Arena after being killed.

- You will now be able to craft +35 VIT stones using the lovely item called “Failed!” that you get from Lottery NPC, whenever its trolling you and not wanting you to get anything. The NPC, where this exchange will happen: Evolved Coordinator.

- The limits on Body parts was removed. You can finally make your char as skinny or as fat as you always wanted.

- The Quest “Evolved Gift” is now not trashable, so people won’t waste 500 PVP Token.

- Temple of the Dragons font color was changed to Light Blue, so people will easier find it.

- Updated Guild Icons.

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