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Patch Notes v36

Postby Sakyo » Sun Mar 03, 2019 8:28 pm

Fake bidding rule was removed. It caused more drama than it prevented and was making no sense, since it was a rule created here for the first time and for a reason not available anywhere else. If you want to participate in the TWs, wake up in time (Server times displayed on our homepage) or be the first to bid and adapt for the FIRST TIME to the server, and not expecting the server to adapt to you continuously.


- Evolved Colosseum PVP Bosses chance to drop Engravement Token was increased to 10%. (Will be 20% during x2)

- Evolved Colosseum PVE Bosses chance to drop Engravement Token was increased to 8%. (Will be 16% during x2)

- Gen - X Heavy MG (Cape) was fixed to require the correct Cape and items.

- G19 Gen - X Ornaments (Fixed stat Ornaments) were fixed, to be now droppable, trade-able. If you already crafted them, you can either Re-engrave them and remove the the “Bound” option or simply keep them as they are.

- G17 Armor (Random stats Armor) was increased in stats (Defense Phys/Magic and HP by 20% due to the fact that they can’t be engraved like g19) in order to match the increase done by the Patch itself. (New support Armor)

- Fairies Power Necklaces were increased in defense by 15% in order to match the changes regardless Gen - X patch.

- Fairies Power Necklaces can now be Engraved.

- All Bosses from Challenge No.9 were edited to have a very low movement speed, in order to prevent the luring/ camping as much as possible.

- Territory War Boss was removed from the TW. TW Fragments are still droppable by Towers. (defensive/offensive)

- TW Crystal was increased/ buffed in all stats.

- TW Offensive and Defensive Towers were buffed in all stats.

- Catapults were buffed in defense.

- “Evolved Colosseum PVE” was added to Illusion stone as well as on “Battle Crystal”. (By request)

- Guild icons updated.

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