Patch Notes v35 (Hotfix)

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Patch Notes v35 (Hotfix)

Postby Sakyo » Sun Feb 24, 2019 10:48 pm


- Items required to craft G18 Armor (Old Path system) were reduced by half.

(For an easier start on our server)

- Chances to drop Top: Mold, Pants: Mold, Wrists:Mold…(G18 Molds) were increased to drop. (For an easier start on our server)

- Arena Chest Open event will now automatically close 30 min after it was started.

- Snake Isle - Race Event can be entered via Illusion Stone or “Teleport to Battle Arena” in ADC West.

- Illusion stone was added to 584 670, so you can re-enter the Snake Isle - Race event faster.

- Magic Defense and Physical Defense Charms were fixed to require level 200 now.

Your old (already crafted defensive Charms) can be re-crafted to new ones in the Evolved Coordinator -> Rfrg Tab.

- Lottery Pets will from now on be droppable/ sellable.

- The 4 new Gladiator Bosses were changed to stay still and not move.

- The chance in Gladiator Colosseum (PVP) to drop Engravement Token was increased.

- Added New Gladiator Colosseum (PVE) where you’ll be able to farm Engravement Token and Super PVP in a Safezone.

- Added Engravement Token to the Cube of Fate NPC and can now be crafted with 120 Mysterious Chips (Dropped in the Cube itself, and by the boss Titan:Destroyer (12 Hours CD))

- Added “Random” Tab to old CT Path Forge back. New players can craft again -6CT%-6CT% Ornaments for free. (Item needed is in Itemmal, called “G18 Random Ornas”)

- Added 15x Evolved Fragments to Lottery NPC.

- Challenge No.9 Gives now 3 Engravement Tokens as reward.

- Vote Panel was Updated! Check it out.

- Guides are Updated! Check out our Forum. “Advanced Evolved Guide” + “Evolved Guide”.

- Custom Donation List was Updated!

- Guild Icons Updated.

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