Patch Notes v30 - v31

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Patch Notes v30 - v31

Postby Sakyo » Sat May 09, 2020 4:02 pm


- Fixed the new Faction Base quests.
- Fixed Star Reset Plate.
- Fixed Starter Slaying Blessing.
- Added New Color Names to Cubi Shop.
- Added New Arena Grounds for Factions for PVP purposes and personalized Guild events:

Arena I
Arena II
Arena III

Note I: Guild Leaders register to Raven or BeasT to get the Arena Pass.

Note II: Admins are not responsible for your destribution of Arena Passes, be careful who you trade the items to in your guilds.

- Added back the Description on Newbie Capes.
- Increased Pills in Cubi shop from x200 to x500.
- New purchased Brew of Morai from Event Boutique and Cubi Boutique will from now on be tradeable.
- Removed useless Faction Base drops from Trial Waves.

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