Evolved 1.5.3 Guide

Here you will find everything you need to know about Evolved Perfect World.
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Evolved 1.5.3 Guide

Postby Sakyo » Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:58 pm

Starter Guide
Hello and welcome to our Guide!

Download our Client on: Here
Register your account on: Here

When you log in, open your inventory and it will look like this:

In the inventory, you will find 2 so-called “Motherboxes” (Demon and Sage):

These two will determine your Cultivation (Demon or Sage) depending on what you’ve decided to be. Besides the Demon Fairy or Sage Fairy, these Motherboxes will instantly give you:

- Level 150
- Extend your inventory slots to the max.
- Extend your Pet bag slots to the max.
- Book item (containing all Demon or Sage Books, Level 79/100 Skill Books, Morai Skill Books depending on the class)
- 500.000.000 Spirit
- Cultivation Demon x9999 or Cultivation Sage x9999 (used to craft Cultivation related Weapons)

In your inventory, you will find free starter gear, which has to be refined (+12) and Imbued with stones (+10 Vitality Stones). ALL necessary and additional items for refining and imbuing as well as basic items can be found in the “itemmal NPC”.

After you have learned all your skills (Press “R” in order to open the skill learning menu, very self-explaining) you will notice 3 other items in your inventory looking like this:

APS Path:
The path mainly going towards the “Attack per second” mechanic in Perfect World, locking out your opponent from casting skills/applying damage and chopping it off with faster hits, dealing smaller damage.

DPH Path:

The path mainly going towards the “Damage per Hit” mechanic in Perfect World, the essential form of PVP, relying on fast casting single Skills/Hits, applying a decent amount of damage within every single blow.

NUKE Path:

A new Perfect World mechanic split by the damage type of the user. Magic damage applying classes will deal massive damage per Skill/Hit while suffering in terms of channelling/casting speed (compared to the DPH Path), Physical damage applying (Melee) classes will on the other side deal less damage but have extended basic Range (8 - 15 Range, depending on the class) on their weapons, introducing a whole new spectre of gameplay towards melee classes.

After you have chosen:

- Set up your Armor, Weapons and Ornaments. (+12 Refined and +10 Vitality Stone imbued)
- Your cultivation. (Demon or Sage)
- Your Path. (APS or DPH or NUKE)

You are ready to farm. Evolved Perfect World brings in a variety of farming ways, which are:

1. Molten Mines Lv.1 ~ Lv.2 (PVE)
2. Endless Universe (PVP)

Whether you love to grind and farm alone in peace or with your friends, or if you are lazy like I’m Evolved Perfect World farming concept will fulfil all your expectations.
Enter our 2 Dungeons via the “Path Farming Teleporter” NPC:

1. Molten Mines will be a very hard PVE oriented Dungeon that will extremely reward you and your friends for trying to fight your way through!

2. Endless Universe is a PVP oriented Dungeon that will let you a LOT easier get your hands on your endgame gear, while the risk is a lot higher of losing the items as well. It’s filled with Bosses and Mobs (Skeleton corpses - can be dug). Beware! This dungeon is a PVP Zone, and everyone can be a potential enemy that will not hesitate to attack you. Your loot isn’t safe until you have put it in your Banker or exchanged it for Endgame items. If you get killed, you will drop your ENTIRE loot, so be careful or fight your way to the top and get all the loot for yourself!

Additional information:

- You can earn Event Shop gold for staying ONLINE, check out the reward chest.
- You can Vote for Event shop gold on our website: Here
- You can donate for Main Shop gold on our website: Here
Harpy Wraith
Coordonates: 265 825

Drops 30 items combined of the following:

- Evolved Engrave Coins ( x4 bundles)

- Evolved Reshape Coins ( x4 bundles)

- Evolved Hone Coins ( x4 bundles)

- Evolved Coins ( x500 bundles)

Note: One of the strongest Boss on server! Bring your squad!

Note 2: Has a cooldown of 10 hours.
World Bosses
World Bosses and their locations:

- Watcher of Chasm (289 963)

- Mystery of Antiquity (314 955)

- Machinoslitt (236 867)

- Minion of Death (172 787)

- Cerberean Sentinel (159 976)

- Ancient Spearman (252 755)

- Alphaleus (162 427)

- Auprus: Ton (151 340)

- Shadow Doll (659 524)

- Sonic Oppressor (553 437)

- Soul Hunter (658 434)

- Hornska Lord (653 390)

- Dipter (440 752)

- Sword Tamer (488 571)

- Cenminator (639 868)

- Broadkris Drudge (438 471)

Possible drops:

- Evolved Coins

- Evolved Coins x15

- Evolved Coins x50

- Evolved Coins x100

- Evolved Coins x150

- Evolved Hone Coin

Note: All Bosses have 1 hour cooldown.
Mini-World Bosses and their locations:

- Strong (569 475)

- Razorteeth Tyrant (656 592)

- Sutrixx (252 829)

- Deiciter White (348 940)

- Deiciter Black (237 935)

- Snow Bear (161 732)

- Desire of the End (106 408)

- Earthsharp Clawzard (105 336)

Random Pill Drop:

- White Tea x1

- Ironguard Powder x1

- Vacuity Powder x1

- Revelation Potion x1

- Death River Toxin x1

- Dew of Star Protection x1

- Raging Sun Orb x1

- Shadow Binder Poder x1

- Zooming Thunder Powder x1

- Sutra Power Orb x1

Note: All Mini Bosses have 1 hour cooldown.

Nirvana Palace
Nirvana Palace is a PVE dungeon, that requires a good strategy and teamwork.

How to enter:

- You will need 1x Nirvana Palace Key - Obtainable from the Event Boutique in game. (Press “O”, then navigate to Event tab)

- Minimum and Maximum of 6 players in your Squad/Team.

- Everyone in the Squad must have at least x1 Nirvana Palace Key.

- Enter via Farming Teleporter in Archosaur West.

After entering Nirvana Palace with your Squad you will receive a Quest, that will reward you and your entire team with 30 Event Gold upon successfully completing the Quest!

Nirvana Map Preview:

Bosses types and instances:

Infernal Lair

Boss: Inferno Sovereign

➤ Inferno Sovereign has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Inferno Sovereign when aggroed will start casting a ranged mana drain. It's usually best to allow a squad member who doesn't use much mana to keep aggro.
➤ Multiple blue circles will spawn while killing Inferno Sovereign. They explode and deal 5000 damage to anyone who does not move out of them. The circles overlap and each of them will deal damage.
➤ As soon as Inferno Sovereign is aggroed 6 Tombstones will appear. Killing them will reduce the amount of exploding blue circles that will spawn as the fight continues.

Noxious Den

Boss: Noxious Sovereign

➤ Noxious Sovereign has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Noxious Sovereign will cast an AoE poison-resistance debuff. This does not need to be purified.
➤ Noxious Sovereign will cast poison on the tank, even with the poison-resistance debuff the damage is small and you do not need to worry about it.
➤ Noxious Sovereign will buff itself with increased physical and magical defense. It's nice to get these purged to kill quicker but nothing to worry about.

Vampire's Domain

Boss: Vampiric Sovereign

➤ Vampiric Sovereign has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Vampiric Sovereign will cast a deadly AoE mana drain.
➤ Vampiric Sovereign when hit will spawn 6 foxes; these foxes need to die at the same time or else they will keep spawning. Heavy hitting AoEs are needed.
➤ Vampiric Sovereign will recover health until all 6 foxes are dead.
➤Vampiric Sovereign must be killed within 15 minutes or the whole party will be killed.

Demonic Niche

One of the following bosses may spawn:

Boss: Demonic Dictator

➤ 40% Chance of spawning.
➤ Demonic Dictator has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Demonic Dictator spawns 2 adds, Whitefeather Golem (white add) and Darkwing Corpse (black add).
➤ If the Whitefeather Golem is attacked and killed, 5000 AoE damage will be dealt to everyone in the room.
➤ The Darkwing Corpse must be killed when spawned, if left alive too long it will explode and deal 5000 AoE damage to everyone.
➤ The adds will spawn fairly quickly.
➤ When the Demonic Dictator gets to around 20% HP, he will start using a mild AoE attack.

Bosss: Demonic Tyrant

➤ 40% Chance of spawning.
➤ Demonic Tyrant has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ When Demonic Tyrant starts talking in common chat, run to the other side of the room and continue to do this until the boss is dead.
➤ Holy Path and/or speed skills are needed for killing Demonic Tyrant.

Boss: Demonic Sovereign

➤ 20% Chance of spawning.
➤ Demonic Sovereign is a double drop boss. This means it will drop 2 chests when killed.
➤ Demonic Sovereign has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Demonic Sovereign spawns adds that are generally quite weak, however can cause AoE stun.
➤ Make sure to kill adds when spawned so that they do not pile up and become a problem with constant AoE stuns.

Ashura's Hollow

One of the following bosses may spawn.

Boss: Ashura Dictator

➤ 40% Chance of spawning.
➤ Ashura Dictator has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Ashura Dictator will spawn 3 poisonous snakes.
➤ The poisonous snakes will poison 1 random target causing massive wood damage, however if purify or triple sparked this does not pose much of a threat.
➤ Do not kill the snakes, if killed they will cause a small 2500 damage AoE for each one that is killed. The snakes will die as soon as they poison a target.

Boss: Ashura Tyrant

➤ 40% Chance of spawning.
➤ Ashura Tyrant has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Ashura Tyrant spawns 4 yellow circles randomly around the room, these circles do 1000 damage when they explode. ➤ They do not pose much of a threat.
➤ Ashura Tyrant will also cause rocks to fall from the ceiling, dealing damage and interrupting casting.

Boss: Ashura Sovereign

➤ 20% Chance of spawning.
➤ Ashura Sovereign is a double drop boss. This means it will drop 2 chests when killed.
➤ Ashura Sovereign has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Ashura Sovereign can buff his physical attack, making his melee attacks deadly. Run away from the boss a little if you can't take high amounts of physical damage.

Heaven's Coliseum

One of the following bosses may spawn.

Boss: Goldwing Phoenix

➤ 40% Chance of spawning.
➤ Goldwing Phoenix has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Goldwing Phoenix will begin in a small state, dealing no damage and will just move around the area.
➤ Once the Small Goldwing Phoenix has around 40% HP left it will evolve into a Big Goldwing Phoenix.
➤ Once evolved, the Goldwing Phoenix will spawn flames randomly on squad members and deal 2500 damage.
➤ Simply moving out of the flames range will make sure that no damage is dealt to you.
➤ Flames will not spawn on the tank, for this reason every DD is asked to range the boss so that the tank does not need to move around.
➤ Use caution around the pillars and walls. The boss can sometimes get stuck and your drops become unreachable.

Boss: Arbiter of Flame

➤ 40% Chance of spawning.
➤Arbiter of Flame has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Arbiter of Flame has an AoE that will cause damage equal to 49% of your max health.
➤ Arbiter of Flame spawns 3 random small flames underneath squad members (sometimes all 3 flames under 1 ➤ person) causing 2500 damage each, when the flame becomes bigger.
➤ It is best to make sure that squad members are not too close to each other so that the flames will not hit multiple members.

Boss: Ashura Netherqueen

➤ 20% Chance of spawning.
➤ Ashura Netherqueen is a double drop boss. This means it will drop 2 chests when killed.
➤ Ashura Netherqueen has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ When Ashura Netherqueen starts talking in a common chat and says "Feel a taste of my anger" you have around 8 seconds to run to the Mysterious Old Man.
➤ The Mysterious Old Man will spawn at one of the 5 end points of the fiery pentagram on the floor. Once you are at the NPC, he will cast buff on you that makes you immune to the Ashura Netherqueen's 200,000 damage AoE. After he buffs you, you are free to go back to killing the boss.
If you do not run to the Mysterious Old Man in time, Ashura Netherqueen will deal 200,000 damage to those squad members.
➤ After each of the Ashura Netherqueen's AoEs, she will spawn a Silver Fox. This fox must be killed.

Vanished Ancestor

Boss: Vanished Ancestor is the final boss of the Palace of Nirvana.

➤ Vanished Ancestor has a random aggro and a random seal.
➤ Throughout the fight, the boss will spawn adds. These adds have an AoE that will wipe the squad unless it is prevented.
➤ When the adds have been spawned, a series of chests are spawned as well. There is one chest for each of the elements. The chests are actually mobs that will die in a single hit. When the chest is killed, it will drop an elemental seal item. The chest will drop a seal for the element that is weak to them. For example, metal is weak to fire, so the fire chest will drop the metal seal.
➤ To prevent an add from using it's AoE, first acquire the seal that is of the same element as the add. Target the add and then right click the seal in your inventory. There is a small delay between when you activate the seal and when the add is sealed. Keep the add targeted until you see the seal graphic beneath it. It is then safe to return to attack the boss.

Nirvana Bosses drops:

Uncanny Crystals
Rapture Crystals

Exchange Uncanny Crystals and Rapture Crystals to Evolved currencies:

- Evolved Engrave Coins

- Evolved Reshape Coins

- Evolved Hone Coins

- Evolved Coins

At the Evolved Dungeon Trades Forge in Archosaur West.
Twilight Temple
Steps to farm Twilight Temple:

1. Go to Itemmall NPC. (525 665)

2. Buy Ultimate Substance.

3. Next go to Path Farming Teleporter NPC.

4. Choose “Twilight Temple - PVE”.

5. You need a party of 2 for Squad Mode.

6. When you are inside Twilight Temple chose one of the following paths:

I. Requiem of the Wraths

II. Symphony of Fate

II. Aria of Dawn

After finishing the Dungeon exchange the drops at “Evolved Dungeon Trades” NPC (Inside Twilight Temple Instance or at West Archosaur (526 666) to get the following Items:

- Evolved Engrave Coins

- Evolved Reshape Coins

- Evolved Hone Coins

- Evolved Coins

There are Four types of exchanges:

1. Exchange 10 of same Blue Materials for 1 random Common Item.

2. Exchange 3 of same Green Materials for 1 random Common Item.

3. Exchange 1 of any Golden Material for 3 random Rare Item.

4. Exchange 1 of any Red Material for 10 random Epic Item.
You can spend x50 Supply Tokens per try at the Evolved Lottery NPC (524 651).

You can get Supply Tokens from Nation Wars.

Lottery Drops:
Note: Colored Names have 5 days duration!

For more informations and especially more guides, please visit our new DATABASE.


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