Evolved 1.5.3 Guide

Here you will find everything you need to know about Evolved Perfect World.
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Evolved 1.5.3 Guide

Postby Sakyo » Tue Feb 11, 2020 8:58 pm

Hello and welcome to our Guide!

Download our Client on: Here
Register your account on: Here

When you log in, open your inventory and it will look like this:

In the inventory, you will find 2 so-called “Motherboxes” (Demon and Sage):

These two will determine your Cultivation (Demon or Sage) depending on what you’ve decided to be. Besides the Demon Fairy or Sage Fairy, these Motherboxes will instantly give you:

- Level 150
- Extend your inventory slots to the max.
- Extend your Pet bag slots to the max.
- Book item (containing all Demon or Sage Books, Level 79/100 Skill Books, Morai Skill Books depending on the class)
- 500.000.000 Spirit
- Cultivation Demon x9999 or Cultivation Sage x9999 (used to craft Cultivation related Weapons)

In your inventory, you will find free starter gear, which has to be refined (+12) and Imbued with stones (+10 Vitality Stones). ALL necessary and additional items for refining and imbuing as well as basic items can be found in the “itemmal NPC”.

After you have learned all your skills (Press “R” in order to open the skill learning menu, very self-explaining) you will notice 3 other items in your inventory looking like this:

APS Path:
The path mainly going towards the “Attack per second” mechanic in Perfect World, locking out your opponent from casting skills/applying damage and chopping it off with faster hits, dealing smaller damage.

DPH Path:

The path mainly going towards the “Damage per Hit” mechanic in Perfect World, the essential form of PVP, relying on fast casting single Skills/Hits, applying a decent amount of damage within every single blow.

NUKE Path:

A new Perfect World mechanic split by the damage type of the user. Magic damage applying classes will deal massive damage per Skill/Hit while suffering in terms of channelling/casting speed (compared to the DPH Path), Physical damage applying (Melee) classes will on the other side deal less damage but have extended basic Range (8 - 15 Range, depending on the class) on their weapons, introducing a whole new spectre of gameplay towards melee classes.

After you have chosen:

- Set up your Armor, Weapons and Ornaments. (+12 Refined and +10 Vitality Stone imbued)
- Your cultivation. (Demon or Sage)
- Your Path. (APS or DPH or NUKE)

You are ready to farm. Evolved Perfect World brings in a variety of farming ways, which are:

1. Molten Mines Lv.1 ~ Lv.2 (PVE)
2. Endless Universe (PVP)

Whether you love to grind and farm alone in peace or with your friends, or if you are lazy like I’m Evolved Perfect World farming concept will fulfil all your expectations.
Enter our 2 Dungeons via the “Path Farming Teleporter” NPC:

1. Molten Mines will be a very hard PVE oriented Dungeon that will extremely reward you and your friends for trying to fight your way through!

2. Endless Universe is a PVP oriented Dungeon that will let you a LOT easier get your hands on your endgame gear, while the risk is a lot higher of losing the items as well. It’s filled with Bosses and Mobs (Skeleton corpses - can be dug). Beware! This dungeon is a PVP Zone, and everyone can be a potential enemy that will not hesitate to attack you. Your loot isn’t safe until you have put it in your Banker or exchanged it for Endgame items. If you get killed, you will drop your ENTIRE loot, so be careful or fight your way to the top and get all the loot for yourself!

Additional information:

- You can earn Event Shop gold for staying ONLINE, check out the reward chest.
- You can Vote for Event shop gold on our website: Here
- You can donate for Main Shop gold on our website: Here

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