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Here you will find everything you need to know about Evolved Perfect World.
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Guides to All Guides

Post by Enki » Wed Jan 10, 2018 4:05 pm

Hello and welcome to Evolved Perfect World!

Where to start? What to craft? Where to farm? All these questions will be answered here!

You’ll get starter gear for FREE! How? Check this:

Starter Guide
Starter Guide (Video)
Starter Guide (Russian)

You got your starter gear. It’s time to farm the endgame gear! How? Check this:

Advanced Guide
Farming Secret Passage/Deception(BH29) Video
Farming Gate of Delirium (BH39) Video
NUKE Glaive and DPH Axes Guide
Tier 5 Gear Guide

At last you’ll need the new PVP Helmet, but how? Check this:
PVP Helmets - PVP Tokens Guide

Questions about Tier 4 and Tier 5 Armor/Ornament stats or skins? Check this:

Tier 4 Armor/Ornaments Stats and Skins Guide

Tier 5 Armor/Ornaments Stats and Skins Guide

Questions about Endgame Weapons stats or skins? Check this:

Endgame Weapons Stats and Skins Guide

How to get “Event Tickets”? What to do with them? Check these:

Event and Mount Tickets Guide

Lottery Prizes

How to get mounts/flights? Check these:


Donation Flights Screenshots

New Mounts

Event Tickets and Mount Tickets Guide

How to upload your guild icon? Check these:

Guild Icons Guide

How to edit my Hairy style before starting the game? Check this:

How to edit your hairstyle (two simple ways) Guide

You’ll get rewarded for being online! How? Go to the “Evolved Daily Quest” (529 663). For every 5 hours online, you’ll get 5x “Event Tickets”.