Homestead Materials

Would like to possibly see alternative ways of getting HS materials outside of current ways of getting them.
Suggestions for obtaining them,
Exchange from dragon orders from DQ
Adding to EG boutique at a more expensive rate than normal gold.
I know Homestead isn't really popular content but it's a nice change from regular grinding and doesn't serve as a hinderance with there being no g17 or Ultimate skills on evolved server.
Would like to get peoples opinion as I know most don't do this content, just thought it would be nice for the ones that do to enjoy being more creative.

Re: Homestead Materials

Another suggestion under the Homestead category would be maybe add the other types of Crop and Animals for Homestead which are normally only obtainable through doing the instance Uncharted Paradise which we don't have on this server. This helps a little with progression by giving slightly more experience towards your Homestead which can be easily added to the NPC Vyn Ren which we currently have in Archosaur West at a higher coin cost than the current things that can be grown.